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Training Event

Four days of intensive training will take place at the Hilton Garden In Albuquerque Uptown consists of two separate training workshops, back to back: The BSFF Foundation Training for Professionals on 10-11 November, and the BSFF Advanced Training for Practitioners on 12-13 November.

Training Organization

Be Set Free Fast Education and Training Academy, LLC

8 The Green, Suite A

Dover, DE  19901

Alfred Heath, MA Counseling Psychology, Licensed Professional Counselor (Virginia license # 0701003179)

Alfred Heath is BSFF's Master Trainer and Educator. With over 27 years exploring and teaching consciousness, energy healing, and psychology as a mental functioning disabilities counselor, mental health and substance abuse therapist, clinical supervisor, and a mind-body-spirit wellness coach and Healing Arts practitioner and developer, he has being professionally guiding clients toward full-spectrum mind-body-spirit wellness since 1992 and the application of BSFF since 2004. While working closely with Dr. Nims over the last 10 years, he's contributed refinements to the method and leadership to the trainer/practitioner community. Alfred established the Be Set Free Fast™ Education and Training Academy in 2017 as the home of official BSFF Training, and is its Principal and Master Trainer.  The Academy is the authority for practitioner and trainer standards, educational material and training curriculum development. Dr. Nims retains the position of Advisory Consultant of his method to the Academy. 

Larry and Alfred have been providing BSFF training internationally for years (Larry since 2000 and Alfred since 2009), and they have been co-trainers since 2012.


Dr. Larry P. Nims, PhD Clinical Psychology (Ret.)

The inventor of Be Set Free Fast, Dr Nims has over 50 years of experience as a clinical psychologist, researcher, academic, center director, and developer in the field of energy psychology, Dr. Nims is internationally recognized as a progenitor of the modern energy psychology movement; a founding member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), he received that organization's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005. Dr Nims is a advisor/contributor to the curriculum and co-trainer with Alfred at webinars and occasionally joins him in person (when the training is nearby) or make appearances via Skype to share thoughts on BSFF and the fields of psychology and coaching and answer questions. 

Training Workshop Descriptions

The Foundation Training is intended for graduate-level mental health professionals or other health providers with equivalent education and training. The training outlines the principles and theory underpinning Be Set Free Fast, as well as its integrative foundations in established psychological theories and phenomena, Behavioral Science, schools of psychotherapy, neuroscience, and the multidisciplinary fields informing Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis. The training further guides participants to master the basic procedures, processes, and protocols involved in applying BSFF from both the perspectives of client and guiding practitioner. Professionals will enhance their ability to apply BSFF for their own benefit, and gain insight into how to successfully guide clients through the process in supervised practice. Professionals who successfully complete the Foundation Training in residence receive a "Basic BSFF Practitioner" designation from the Be Set Free Fast Education and Training Academy, LLC.

The Advanced Training is intended for BSFF Practitioners who wish to master and refine their ability to provide a therapeutic presence in the session encounter, provide more nuanced guidance based on greater sensory acuity and deeper insights into the internal processes BSFF stimulates. Participants will also learn advanced protocols for working with the emotional and subconscious sources of stress involving physical conditions and a framework for applying BSFF to help resolve deep-seated early childhood wounds manifesting as adult suffering and pervasive, maladaptive interpersonal dynamics. Professionals who successfully complete the Foundation Training in residence receive a "Basic BSFF Practitioner" designation from the Be Set Free Fast Education and Training Academy, LLC.


The training event will be held at the Radisson Hotel Washington DC-Rockvile , with free WIFI, and an in-house restaurant for breakfast and dinner, with the option of several restaurants within walking distance for lunch.

Training Fees

Foundation Training for Professionals - $350 Early Bird through May; $399 regular fee starting 1 June

Advanced Training for Practitioners - 

Back-to-Back Intensive - N/A

CE Registration -  TBD

FYI:  The BSFF Advance Training for Practitioners is provisionally scheduled for early November 2018 in the DC area. The Foundation Training or equivalent is the prerequisite. 

Continuing Education (CE):  Please contact me at [email protected] to enquire about CEs.

Registration: Go here