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1.A. Two-Day Be Set Free Fast Foundation Training with Alfred Heath in Washington, DC, (28-29 July 2018)


The Be Set Free Fast Foundation Training for Proffessionals is designed to ground therapists, counselors, and coaches in the fundamentals of BSFF; to compare and contrast it with talk therapies (CBT, Brief Solution- Focused Therapy, Rogerian, Psychodynamic, and body-centered) other energy psychology modalities (e.g. EFT, TFT, TAT® ) show what this means in practical terms for facilitating it professionally and applying it for self-help.

The training will combine some teaching with group experiential exercises, demonstration sessions, Q&A, and guided participant practice sessions.

Successful completion includes a certificate designation of "Practitioner of Be Set Free Fast (Foundation)", which is an affirmation of meeting the Be Set Free Fast Education and Training Academy's learning requirements to add BSFF to your professional toolkit within your areas of competency.

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you have studied the ebook and training dvd before coming to this training. We pick up where they leave off, so in order to get full value for your money from the training, please be sure to work with the ebook and dvd. The book is $39.95 (ebook) and can be purchased here: ucts/show/7160392 . The dvd is $89.95 and can be purchased here: ucts/show/7160465

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