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BSFF Foundation Webinar


Dates: 25 November; 2 and 3 December

Time: 1:00pm - 3:30pm Eastern

Location: Zoom webinar platform

Webinar format: Three 2.5-hour sessions

Recommended Prerequisites: Worth through BSFF ebook chapters 7-10 and Emotions Chart; BSFF Training DVD (at least two sessions reviewed from perspectives of coach (cueing whenever confused) and client (cueing along with client)). 

This 3-part webinar featuring creator of Be Set Free Fast Larry Nims, Ph,D,  is hosted by BSFF Master Trainer and Founder of the BSFF Education and Training Academy Alfred Heath, MA, LPC.

It includes much of what is taught in the BSFF Foundation Training for Professionals: Overview of BSFF, didactic lectures and presentations, guided group BSFF treatments, demonstrations (at least one for each of the 3 meetings), debriefs of demos, the opportunity for two practice sessions by phone or skype with co-participants in between each meeting, and Q&A with Larry and Alfred.

Those who know they won't make an upcoming meeting can send in their questions via facebook ( ), twitter (, or via email to 

The webinar will be recorded so that anyone unable to make one or more of the sessions will be able to vie them at their convenience.

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