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Worldwide Be Set Free FastTMTraining

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Web Store

Be Set Free Fast™ Online Foundation Training for Professionals


This is the online version of BSFF training that prepares professional clinicians and coaches to facilitate client sessions. 

Nevertheless, credentialed professionals may choose to seek CE approval independantly from your respective licensing bodies using the Be Set Free Fast Education and Training Axcademy, LLC training documentation and the curricula vitae of Alfred Heath, MA, LPC and Larry Nims, Ph.D. 

Training will consist of 6 3-hour zoom on-line training sessions at 11:30am - 2:30pm Eastern on Saturdays 25 February; 4, 11, 18, and 25 March, and 1 April 2023.  There will be one practice partner session between weekly training sessions at a day and time to be organized between practice partners.

Participants who complete the training will receive a certificate of training from the Be Set Free Fast Education and Training Academy, LLC signed by Dr. Nims and Alfred Heath (designation: Practitioner of Be Set Free Fast or BSFF Coach, depending on your current professional qualifications).

How did you learn about this iteration of the training? From the ACEP email advertisement, the BSFF website, the BSFF newsletter, a BSFF practitioner or trainer, or from a friend or colleague?

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