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This 8-week-long, 3-hours per meeting online training is specifically intended to offer finer points of professional facilitation of the the BSFF method, including therapeutic presence, developing and employing sensory acuity and intuition, and utilization of advanced techniques to enhance engagement with the subconscious mind as a partner in the process of assessing problems, measuring progress, and resolving emotionally and perceptually reinforced maladaptive and dysfunctional patterns of thought, feeling, action, and physiology.

2025 Training Dates: 22 Feb - 12 Apr 2025

Registration Fee: $697

Registration Opens: 1 January New Year's Day 2025

Registration Closes:  17 February President's Day 2025

**Training includes a total of 11 partner practice sessions: 6 during meetings and 5 between meetings to be arranged between participants. 

7. Advanced BSFF Training for Practitioners (online)

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