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NEW DATES for WASHINGTON DC AREA TRAINING! 28-29 July 2018:  BSFF Foundation Training for Professionals  - If you are here, you've made an important decision for your own well being, and if you are a helping professional or are seeking the highest levels of skill in your own personal BSFF use, you've made a vital one that will benefit your clients greatly. 

The 2-day foundation training will help you to master the basics of this startlingly effective method. If you have had BSFF training before and want a refresher at the professional level, this training will not just refresh the skills you had, but bring you up to date in BSFF's gradual evolution as the premier Integrative Psychology tool! 

If you clicked the link out of curiosity to learn more before deciding, please feel free to explore this site: read testimonials, learn more about the BSFF method, and even learn a quickstart version of BSFF to get a better feel for how it works. Having done that, we want to then offer you some choices for delving deeper, including registering for the upcoming training event if you feel inspired to do so.